My Story

On January 2, 2014, I had an analogue mammogram followed by digital one a few weeks later. Both revealed several calcifications of the milk ducts. Two ultrasounds, three core biopsies and one MRI later, the final report came back: Ductal Carcinoma In Situ. You have breast cancer; this changed my life forever.

When life gives you lemons; squeez'em!

My Cancer Vacation

Unfortunately, I was not a candidate for lumpectomy; I had a double mastectomy on May 9th, 2014 with an immediate reconstruction, which was actually, not the original plan.  I was really lucky with my bad luck, I had the good kind of cancer and we got it all out on time. Apparently there is a good kind of cancer.

The pathology report confirmed a stage 0 non-invasive DSIC and showed lumps as close as 1mm from the pectoral muscles and for that, they suggested radiation treatments.  After researching and asking the opinion of several doctors, I opted out of radiation treatments.

There is one more surgery to finalize the reconstruction, but my body needs to heal first. A minimum of 6 months after surgery is needed to heal all properly inside.

I am slowly getting back to a somewhat a normal life; the recovery hasn’t been easy, but I was able to document my journey – that help me get though it. I am planning to release a documentary and a book to tell my story and hopefully a foundation to help cancer patients directly. My goal is to educate woman with dense breast, because for us, the only way to detect DCIS, is awareness, self exams and with an MRI.

I realize now that nothing will get back to the way it was before cancer. I am on the mend and I am not loosing hope.

–Brigitte, My Cancer Vacation

I am a French Canadian writing in English, you probably got that if you are English. All grammar and errors are welcomed to be corrected.