Mammograms and dense breast

Did all those years of squishing, poking and radiation caused my early cancer?

Was this cyclic self-fulfilling prophecy responsible for my cancer? Perhaps it was, as most of you know that we become what we think, right?

After my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006, fear of cancer was setting in, especially knowing my family medical history.

I went for my routine mammograms every year which turned our normal for years on end. I had a few scares every couple years or so, and I had several ultra sounds and biopsies, all came back false positive actually. Throughout the years my breast took quite a beating and my constant fear of getting cancer did not help one bit, I’m sure!

My doctors words were I had what’s called “dense breasts” which makes it difficult for radiologists to see potential cancer in the mammogram results, but my doctor didn’t tell me that fact. Despite my due diligence, my cancer went undetected for several years, at least five. If you have dense breast and you are at risk, get an MRI; it’s the only way to detect cancer if you have dense breast.

Emerging research shows that mammograms may actually cause breast cancer. In other words, the test that’s being performed to screen the disease is actually causing it! In my experience, mammograms on dense breast are pretty much useless and so are ultrasounds.

The screening agency I was at took ONLY two angles of the breast each time, knowing that me, the patient, had dense breast and family history of cancer. Did they missed it because of the angles, or my dense breast, or maybe just bad luck.

PS: I am a French Canadian writing in English, you probably got that if you are English. All grammar and errors are welcomed to be corrected.

Facts: It’s believed that up to 50% of women have dense breasts.
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